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A Personal Touch

Nothing expresses care and feeling like a handwritten letter.
Our Personalized Letters help you to create a great impression
and strengthen customer relationships.

Don't spend your money on wastefull mass-mailings. Every US household gets 6 pieces of junk mail each day, and up to 85% of them can end up in the trash.

Hand-addressed letters stand out from the junk and are much more likely to be opened, instead of ignored. Customizing your mailings with a personal touch can increase your mailing response by as much as 300%.

"Made 2 Open offers the most complete, cost efficient personalized mailing service in the industry. Our goal is that you will become one of our long-standing satisfied partners."
Importance of Letter Customization
We personalize each letter by adding your customer's full name and address, a personalized greeting, and any type of extra custom information to make your mail pieces more personalized and increase your response rate.
Increase your direct mail response
Use handwritten fonts. Each day your customers sort through their mail taking only seconds to decide if an envelope is interesting enough to open. Handwritten fonts give you a powerful advantage over the competition by personalizing the look of your envelope.
EDDM Postcards

What is EDDM?
It lets you to target new clients with direct mail at greatly reduced postage rates,
and you don’t need to have a mailing list. Skip the list and save on postage!
We will put 5,000 of 6.5x9 inches full color postcards in every mailbox in area you choose.

EDDM Interactive Map - - just enter your zip code

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"I'd like to thank for the great (and speedy) assistance. I am happy that I don't have to spend so much money on mailing since we did manage to clean out my database." Roger Osborn

Direct mail advertising should be personal, and from one individual to another, just like a friendly letter.

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Effective direct mail advertising works.
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